In tight election contests – whether for Republican candidates or referendum questions – voter contact and mobilization often makes up the difference between winners and losers. Advantage helps you make sure you’re doing everything you can to win.

You need data at your fingertips to make decisions quickly. With Advantage’s mobile solutions fueling your door-to-door canvassing and volunteer phone banking operations, you’ll have all your information in one place – and in real-time – to preserve your campaign’s momentum and keep the pressure on your opponent.

To amplify your reach, Advantage’s paid phone programs include live-agent and IVR/robocall services to help you identify voters, poll your state or district, and mobilize your voters on election day with get-out-the-vote messages – freeing up your volunteers to knock on doors and watch polls.

Targeted multi-touch voter journeys. See an example of how Advantage’s solution can drive Voter Registration for a recently moved constituent.

Mobile Apps

Mobile applications put data in the palm of your hand. Volunteers can make calls, send voter contact texts and emails, access precinct walk lists, make real-time updates to voter data, and even collect donation pledges.

Integration with the central database allows immediate follow-up from campaign headquarters and automated distribution of signs, bumper stickers, and other campaign materials.

We welcome any size campaign – we’ve worked with candidates of all shapes and sizes from Justice of the Peace to U.S. President. Advantage16 is reliable, scalable and secure.


Whether you’re running a large national survey program, or polling state legislative district, or anything in between, you need timely, accurate results.

Combining live callers and IVR push-button options, Advantage’s research and polling services offer precise execution of the surveys you put in the field. Careful attention to data collection and demographic balances will ensure adherence to electorate and voter models, enabling you to make better forecasts and plan the strategy that will deliver the maximum impact.

Grassroots Outreach and Mobilization

Want to move elected officials? Talk to them through their constituents. Let Advantage’s grassroots programs amplify the messages you’re delivering through earned media, paid media, and traditional lobbying.

Using patch-through phone programs, you’ll recruit and mobilize constituents – and make sure targeted decision makers hear the same messages from their voters that they hear from your other communications channels.

If you have a grassroots army already, or want to speak directly to a certain constituency, Advantage Access Live video and telephone town hall platform allows you to engage them directly in an environment which allows interactive communication while still maintaining message control.

Constituent Services

The battle doesn’t end just because you’ve won elected office. Success means keeping constituents informed of the progress they voted for.

The Advantage Access Live video and telephone town hall platform gives you direct communication with your constituents in an environment that promotes interactive dialogue while still maintaining your message control. We offer seamless sign-up features to help you increase engagement for your events and allow constituents to opt-in for email newsletters (allowing you to keep lines of communication open during blackout periods).


Advantage’s tools and expertise will successfully motivate individuals to take action. Let’s create a winning campaign together.