Using secure web-based technology, Advantage TeleForum allows a host to personally invite mass audiences to join a live, interactive conference that you can view and control from the ease of a personal computer.

New! Encourage Greater Participation in TeleForums with Personalized Audio Invitations

Custom Voice and Pro Voice technologies now personalize each message with the recipient's name to encourage greater participation and engage your audience. Pro Voice allows TeleForum outbound invitations, automated calls and surveys to include recipients' names as recorded by a professional voice talent. Custom Voice personalizes the outbound message for your TeleForum in your own voice.

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What can TeleForum do for you?

Government officials, national associations, and global corporations use this technology to stay in contact with their constituents, mobilize their members and effectively communicate with their audience.

Keep your members informed and engaged about upcoming issues and events. Provide a forum for discussion and feedback that will allow for you to build a stronger, more informed organization.

TeleForum allows for a conversation with the experts to generate interest and excitement about your cause. Sometimes it can be difficult to fit a complex message into brief summaries, but with TeleForum, you can use technology to engage in dialogue so people can truly understand the problems you are working for.

Recruit and mobilize people to work for your cause. TeleForum gives you the opportunity to have guest hosts discuss legislation with the people it will affect the most. Our unique transfer capability immediately sends participants to speak with their elected official about your important issues.

While people are captive and excited about your issues, encourage them to help by pressing a button on their phone and transferring to a live operator to contribute.

Crisis situations require fast mobilization and instant donations for people in need. TeleForum allows you to gather together volunteers from every part of the country and request your donors to lend a hand. With this technology, you can instantly reach out to your support base and organize an appropriate response.

Additional TeleForum Features

  • Private Screening
  • Live Polling
  • Instant Transfers
  • Post-Conference Voicemail
  • Real-time Reporting