We provide communication resources to government officials, boards, committees and Republican members of Congress. Our services connect citizens to public offices and representatives via two-way communication technologies.


Advantage TeleForum

Using secure web-based technology, Advantage TeleForum allows a host to personally invite mass audiences to join a live, interactive conference that you can view and control from the ease of a personal computer.

Congressional members use this advanced technology to stay in contact with their constituents, giving citizens an opportunity to hear directly from their Members and ask them questions.

Automated Calling is a cost effective way to communicate your message to thousands of constituents in a timely manner.

  • Average connection rate is 85%
  • 30 minute turnaround time
  • Tailored calls for live pickups and answering machines

Automated Polls measure constituents’ opinions inexpensively and track changes in public viewpoint over time.

  • Short waiting period for polling data
  • Compare responses by age, gender, region and other demographics