Advantage, Inc. specializes in winning campaigns on the margins. We implement strategies that identify voter issues and preferences and deliver targeted messages to persuadable voters in coordination with your campaign. Our leadership and operations staff offer over 60 years of combined campaign experience at every level of government.

GOTV (Get Out The Vote)
Advantage implements a unique combination of voter identification, issue advocacy and GOTV live calls to drive supporters to the polls on election day.

Advantage TeleForum
Bring the Town Hall atmosphere into voters' living rooms through our telephone and Internet-based TeleForum service. Talk with thousands of voters using a secure web-interface that allows you to take questions, conduct polls and follow-up with participants after the call.

Automated Messages
Communicate your campaign or issue-targeted message in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Live and Automated Surveys and Voter Identification
Information gathering programs are used to identify voter and issue preferences, build turnout lists and forecast election outcomes.

Data Management
We offer data services ranging from creating sample parameters pre-survey,purchasing data,creating crosstabs and other post- survey analysis.

Patch-Through Calls
Advantage directly advocates to a targeted audience and connects them to a legislator's office or other points of contact for issue persuasion.

Live Advocacy Messages
Deliver a variety of messages to targeted audiences to gain support for your candidate or cause.

Encourage greater participation in your Teleforums with Personalized Audio Invitations now available for outbound invitations, automated calls and surveys. Include the call recipients' names as recorded by a professional talent or in your own voice!