About Us

Advantage, Inc. is one of the most reliable voter contact firms used by Republican candidates and public affairs organizations. We are a creative, fast-moving company made up of personnel with decades of combined experience in political campaigns.

Cutting-Edge Campaign Services

Advantage, Inc. provides highly targeted voter contact services for local, state, and national elections, as well as for public affairs, government, corporate, and not for profit organizations. We are successful in motivating individuals to take action in the public arena thanks to a first-rate team of creative production personnel under the management of Aris McMahon, Tricia (Pearson) Korcheck and Jeff Butzke.

Aris McMahon serves as Managing Partner for Advantage, Inc. McMahon brings over 20 years of experience to Advantage, Inc. He currently consults on voter contact programs for members of Congress, numerous public affairs organizations, national and state party committees.

As Founding Partner, Jeff Butzke brings more than 33 years of extensive international, national, state, and local political consulting experience to Advantage, Inc. From grassroots organizing to strategic counseling to fundraising and media development, Jeff Butzke has consulted and managed more than 200 campaigns for political office.

Our voter contact teams place the highest-quality voter identification, issue advocacy, survey research, patch-through and “Get Out The Vote” (GOTV) calls. Our automated programs give each client the opportunity to commence the delivery of their message within one hour of recording and receipt of the file. We are a leading TeleForum provider for members of Congress, campaigns, and advocacy groups and held the exclusive launch of VideoForum in June 2009.